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About Geocost

Geocost group of institutes has one of the best GIS institute in Pune. Also, the group has School,Technical institute,Accounting Course one of the best in Pune and vicinity.

Geocost provides right curriculum and innovative teaching methodologies to all its campuses. At Geocost there is a series of vibrant education and leadership strategies for gaining unbeatable competitive advantage from countrywide experts for a matchless growth beyond the ordinary.

Geocost provides students a vibrant academic experience that adheres to stringent international quality standards, imbibes life skills among its students, and prepares them to not only take on competitive careers but also succeed in life.

The underlying vision of the Geocost is to nurture and engender creativity in thought and innovation, thereby encouraging their students to follow an unconventional path.

Geocost extra curriculum prepares dynamic students, personally and professionally, to take up future leadership roles in a global setting.

Geocost is committed to high-quality education. The Geocost charter of higher learning clearly states:“Impart high-quality education which meets the diverse needs of our students and the evolving professional requirements”. To achieve this Geocost ensures global standard of teaching, supported by extensive research work and a productive learning environment.

Mr. Satish Gawade

Mr. Abhijeet Ghule

Founder- Geocost Institute of Technology

Founder- Geocost Institute of Technology

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